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At the outbreak of the Second World War, Sun Life Philippines was forced to suspend its operations. Nevertheless, the company maintained underground operations to support its clientele. By the end of the war, everyone started rebuilding and true to its commitment, Sun Life Philippines paid a total of US$2.175 Million worth of death claims, matured endowment settlements, and cash surrender value to its surviving clients. As post-war recovery went full swing, Sun Life Philippines boasted continuous growth with an increase in assets and investments, while protecting the future of more Filipinos.

The 1970s coincided with the 75th Anniversary of Sun Life in the Philippines. It was also during this time that Sun Life Philippines ranked No. 1 in terms of income with ₱14.9 Million worth of earnings. Two new business centers were opened; one for Metro Manila and another for Manila Provincial, which should further boost sales and serve more clients. Although the company’s sales force was quite small compared to its competitors, it became one of the top players in the insurance industry in the entire region.

The 80s was a tumultuous year for the Philippines, especially for the economy. Despite this turn of events, Sun Life managed to maintain its status as a company that could balance growth, client commitments, and employee welfare. The end of the decade marked the year when the regional office was transferred from Hong Kong to Manila, signifying a country’s rise after decades under a violent dictatorship.

The 90s became the decade of revolution for Sun Life Philippines beginning with more focus on its Asian identity as Sun Life Far-East Division became Sun Life Asia-Pacific Division. This change of name coincided with Sun Life’s 100th anniversary in the Philippines, making it one of the oldest insurance companies operating in the land. The 90s also marked the decade when Sun Life Philippines “demutualized” with 99% of qualified policy owners voting in favor

At the turn of the new millennium, a decade of innovation and vigor swept through Sun Life Philippines. This started with the creation of its first subsidiary named Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. or SLAMCI, which gave birth to the country’s largest family of mutual funds called Sun Life Prosperity Funds. On top of its astounding growth over the years, Sun Life Philippines has been advocating for various causes aimed at providing “A brighter life under the sun.”

One of the company’s priorities is its continuing financial literacy program collectively called Brighter Life, aimed at teaching Filipinos the value of financial security for one’s future. Through various campaigns like the Brighter Days Financial Planning Sessions, participants were given the chance to learn the values of financial management as well as investing and planning for one’s financial future.

To complement its financial literacy advocacy, Sun Life Philippines has also been hosting the Sun Life ‘Sinag’ (Rays of the Sun) Awards. This event was designed to encourage Filipinos to be financially literate and prepared; free from financial ignorance, debt, and dependency. It encourages the media to be a catalyst of change for the Philippines by being the channel of information to propagate the advocacy.

Sun Life’s advocacy goes beyond financial well-being. It also extends to helping Filipinos become physically fit. Its new campaign called ‘GoWell,’ provides members the opportunity to learn how to keep healthy and fit through various means such as workouts, training, fitness classes, and more.

With all these programs, Sun Life Philippines remains committed to helping Filipinos have a sustainable future. Sustainability is further heightened through the Sun Life Foundation, which is incorporated to help alleviate the plight of the underprivileged. Through the Sun Life Foundation, Sun Life Philippines fosters the spirit of volunteerism, service, and generosity thus radiating the company’s ethos of commitment and service to the Filipino people.

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